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Above ground shelter

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Shelter Details

Both styles of shelters are 6' x 8' with a ceiling height of 6' 2" inside. The shelter is constructed of 6,000 psi Concrete, and reinforced with 3/8" rebar that is tied on 12" centers running both directions. It has an 8" turbine and a 6" intake vent for fresh air circulation. Both styles of shelters have an 11 gauge steel door that has three heavy duty hinges and a three-point latch system. The in-ground shelter has a gas operated support cylinder for easy opening of the door. Both shelters have metal deflection plates over openings of the turbine and air intake to prevent flying objects from entering the shelter.

In-Ground Shelter

The in-ground shelter door measures 32" wide and 36" tall. The shelter has a fixed staircase that bolts to the shelter for security, and dual handrails and steps that have non-skid protection for added traction. This unit is installed 53" below-grade (in the ground) with approximately 2' remaining above the ground. The dirt from the excavated hole is mounded around the three sides of the above-grade portion for increased safety.

Concrete septic tanks with openings

Above-Ground Shelter

The door on the above-ground shelter measures 32" wide and 58 1/2 " tall. This shelter makes it possible to walk in and descend one step down for easy entry. If situated on flat ground, you must place dirt around three sides of the structure - reaching to the top - for it to meet FEMA approval. If available, it can be installed in a hillside or a mound.


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